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Sylvestris Tree Farms has been proudly offering the highest quality selection of field grown Phoenix Sylvestris Robusta Date Palms (also called the India Date Palm) in Florida since 2004.

Our inventory consists of 8,000 date palms varying from 7' overall height up to 9' clear trunk, reaching over 20' in height.

Robusta's are larger in caliper, fronds are more silver in color (also calling it the Silver Date Palm) and have larger heads than regular Silvestris.

They are the top choice for cold hardiness and will withstand cold snaps below 20° Fahrenheit, unlike most other palm varieties grown in Florida.

These palms are also disease and pest resistant, withstand high winds and require very little maintenance.

Our palms being of "specimen" and "Florida Fancy" attracts some of the most respected nursery people, landscape designers and arborists in the industry.

Studying the marketplace carefully we extend the best possible prices to our customers.

Please call 772.778.3006 or email us at for great price quotes.


We deliver anywhere at the most affordable prices.

Make a statement and beautify your landscape with our exotic palms.

You are welcome to visit our farm and pick out your own palms.

For friendly and professional service, call the owner, Jerry  to assist in making your landscape project a true success.

Jerry (cell) 786.402.9405

Rick (office) 772-778-3006

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