Sylvestris Tree Farms

Planting & care of your new palm

Once you receive your trees, try to plant them as soon as possible. If a few days are needed, leave the root wrap on and place in a shady ventilated area.

  • Dig the hole two times as wide as the root system to allow loosened soil for new root growth. The hole needs to be just deep enough so that the tree is planted at the same depth at which it was grown. The trunk should be at ground level and not buried.
  • Backfill the hole with soil and or gravel mix. Pack the soil down to remove any air pockets and then form a soil barrier around the circumference of the hole to form a dam which will retain water.
  • Finally, water the tree enough to fully soak it. Your new date palm should be watered daily or every other day for the first two weeks. It is very important not to allow your soil to dry out with your newly planted date palm. After a few months, the tree will acclimate and routine watering will not be as critical for its survival.
  • To Maintain a healthy tree, you will want to fertilize it in the Spring, Summer, and early Fall. Besides nitrogen, trees must have minor nutrients such as manganese, magnesium, potassium, iron, and copper sulfates. A slow release fertilizer is recommended.